Spring Project: The Beer Garden

Posted January 23, 2011 | 2:06 am, by nadine

Growing Hops
Picture from The Brew Dudes

Seeing as its the dead of winter, I figured now would be a good time to start thinking about my annual garden. Generally I’ve grown vegetables with the help of my neighbour miss Jess, though last year out of laziness, we let the whole thing go to seed. And to seed it went. The grape vine was so long it touched the ground, the golden rod 9 feet high…our little patch of yard was nicknamed The Ghetto Jungle. It was kind of glorious.

This year I would like to do something different. I would still like to grow some edibles but also add to it, some nice bushes or flowers. And, as the title states, I would like to brew things you can, well, brew or add to alcohol. I figure this would be an interesting and fun focus. Seeing as, I don’t cook much in summer…but like all beings in northern climates summer means patio drinking.

Off the top of my head I can think of Rye, Barley, and hops, sage, and maybe some berries such as raspberries or black berries. I ran by this article that gives some good suggestions as well. Plus items like mint, basil and thyme do double duty as kitchen herbs and in some cases Mojito mixers.


mint leaves

Its a good starting point, I’ll see what else I can think of to throw in there. Maybe some options for home-made absinthe? Maybe something for home falvouring vodka?

I’ve even thought of growing things that I could pickle that would complement beer, such as beets or beans, or various kinds of onions.

We’ll see how it fleshes out over the next while.

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