Some Favourite Credit Sequences

Posted March 13, 2011 | 8:42 pm, by nadine

Quick post about some of my favourite credit titles from movies and shows…and why. Movie titles are pretty much like small features in front of a feature. They can quickly and amazingly communicate a movie’s feel and pace, while providing interesting usages of typography.

  1. Paprika

    Years before Inception there was Paprika. The story of Doctor Atsuko Chiba whose alter-ego dives into people’s dreams to help treat psychiatric disorders. The movie itself is a wonderful blend of reality and dream worlds, and its take on the dream within a dream is so vivid and engrossing. The opening titles are some of the best frames I’ve ever seen and communicate the films use of blending sequences.

  2. Panic Room

    Subtle, stark and oddly off-putting. Panic Room’s title sequence is one of those bits of film that make you stop and say wait, wait….what was that?. Their use of long shots and floating type make a bustling place like new york seem ominous and still. when you spend time in isolation not knowing what’s going on around you, things can slow down, and your paranoia can go up. I think the titles for this convey that feeling quite well.

  3. True Blood

    Before I had ever seen an episode of True Blood, someone said to me “One phrase: Smutty, Southern Vampries”. And That my friends is exactly what this conveys. Mmmmm Smutty vampries.

  4. Short Circuit

    Unfortunately I can’t find a single video out there of the original intro credits. But it basically starts out with the construction of the lead character (who is a robot), to some seriously blippy and somewhat creepy 80s computer music. I guess you’ll just have to watch it, but the reason I like it is that it does give a snap shot of technology at the time, and more importantly the mindset of the future of that technology.

  5. Fight Club

    Best. Pull out shot. Ever.

  6. Dead Like Me
    I have a soft spot for magical things in real life stuff. Which is probably why I read a lot of Christopher Moore. Dead Like Me’s title sequence not only makes me giggle, but it does a good job of slicing together the show’s sometime pacing and amusing moments of everyday life…when you’re dead. Plus the WTF use of the iconic reaper hood gets me every time.

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