Amazing Garage Conversion

Posted April 5, 2011 | 1:07 pm, by nadine

Freshome posted this amazing conversion of a garage into a very lovely small living space. These kinds of things really hit home for me. I live in a city with a lot of alleyways and garages that could use this kind of innovation. I myself, live in a cute small flat made out of the first floor of a house, and I love it. I think urban areas are starting to become more aware of their combined space wealth through re-use and recycling.

Garage crib

I had a discussion the other day about how cities loose something when they destroy their older structures. I think this applies to not just grand large buildings, but also smaller houses and spaces. So the idea that you could keep something as small as a garage and turn it into something lovely and liveable, makes me smile.

In my mind, this trumps the American Dream of a big house and a large lawn by leaps and bounds. Like most people in the or around Toronto I come from suburbia, and it always still surprises how much people don’t do anything with the land out there. One day the ‘burbs is going to have to start figuring out space usage better too….because right now, there’s a lot of it going to waste.

But bringing it back to the garage. This lines up so well with my thoughts of reuse what you have, save what you can, repurpose what is around you.

Which when you think about it, is a good rule of thumb to follow because its going to be what we’re going to have to do over the next couple of hundred years if we want to survive. So get the lead out and start getting creative with your spaces.

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