No-Jam and Squiddle

Posted December 10, 2012 | 10:14 pm, by nadine

So, seeing as I am on client work hiatus for a while, I decided to start getting back into making peripherals and poking around with games.

During Novemeber I had the chance to participate in No-Jam, a 2 weekend game incubator put on by Dames Making Games. If you are in Toronto, and interested in game making, you should check them out.

I ended up making a game about squids, mainly about pooping squids. Yes, I made a game with a poop mechanic. Basically, you’re a squid, and to stay alive you need to eat. But the more you eat, the more waste you leave behind, the sicker your eco-system becomes. So you have to balance eating and cleaning up after yourself. You also need to deal with some invasive squid species who just mess everything up.

(Are there spelling errors in here? MAYBE).

I also decided to make a custom controller for this. Since the movement mechanic is a mimic of Asteroids, I figured a tilt / squeeze controller would be pretty fun.

I chose a MakeyMakey for my interface board. I have an arduino, but in this case, I didn’t really need a lot of sensitivity in the controls, and the MakeyMakey is a good item for get up n’go prototyping. This is how it came out:

1. Two tilt sensors and one force pad (the blue foam ball was the first iteration).

2. Connectors wired out the bottom of a foam baseball, with some ghetto tin foil for the aligator clips.

3. Completed with a sock puppet squid cover to hide the wires, then wired into a makeymakey.

Result: Pretty fun.

Note: If this video is being weird, just hit reload.

It was a good experiment. I have some other ideas for peripherals floating around, so we’ll see what winter brings.

Thanks to DMGToronto, all the jam mentors and Maggie for making amazing music. It was a super fun time.

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