What I’m Up To Lately

Posted February 27, 2013 | 11:55 am, by nadine

Lots! Well, and also napping. Because its snowy, cold, and that’s what we do in The North when the outdoors is a freezing slush pile.

In any case, here’s the past bit in a nutshell:

Personal Things

After 7 months of not being able to ride a bike due to a hip flexor injury, I’m happy to say I’m back to cycling. Its slow going, but I hope to reach a metric century by June. i have a lot of catching up to do, physically, but I’m optimistic. And hey, I signed up for the Ride For Heart this year again! Should be fun.


I’ll be going to Ireland April 1 to visit my friend Jen, and we’ll be doing some hiking. Excited for that. Its been a while since I traveled, and the prospect of green glens and dark beer makes me want March to fast forward to the end already.

I also scored a ticket to Eyeo Festival in June, and I am really looking forward to it. Its going to be a blast.


Lately I’ve been experimenting with ways to make cheap sensors. I really like the idea of using stuff around the house. So far I’ve found tin foil and nails to be a really good way to make pretty on the mark contact sensors. While that’s nothing new, its nice to work it into projects. For example: this past February, I participated in Feb Fatale where I made a Knife Throwing Interface (out of a board, a yoga matt, and tinfoil no less), for my friend Sagan’s visual novel game A Long Time Coming. Hopefully I’ll have some video soon.

Throwing Knife Prototype

Proof of concept for throwing knife board.

Throwing Board

Knife Throwing Board in action

Nail Prototype

Proof of Concept for a nail based capacitive sensor.

I also put together a pair of input gloves which I’m really happy with, because they don’t look like there’s anything sewn into them from the outside.

Input Gloves

Input Gloves: left = pressure and bend, right = Dpad.


While on peripherals I’m helping teach a workshop through DMG on making peripherals with a MakeyMakey on March 9th. You should totally go. It’ll be fun, and you don’t need any previous experience with electronics.

This past month Vector Game Art and Convergence Festival rolled into town, and thanks to them, I spent a sunday circuit bending. While my results were a little meh, other people found some amazing noises and visuals tucked away in old game boards.

I think that’s about it for now. Hopefully I’ll post more in the spring.


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