Ireland: The trip that wasn’t

Posted April 17, 2013 | 6:58 pm, by nadine

So I went to Ireland for 2 weeks. I was really looking forward to it. My friend Jen had moved to Dublin earlier in the year and seeing her + doing some exploring = a good idea.

I didn’t have any hard set plans, besides some already set hiking dates, but figured its a small country, with lots of history, and its easy to get around.

Instead I ended up with a wicked sinus infection that couch bound me (including antibiotics) for 7 days out of 14. Combine that with jet lag, fevers, and sleep deprivation, and let’s just say it was not a good scene. I literally saw Dingle, and Dublin, and nothing else but my gracious host’s couch.

Still I got some good shots of hiking the edge of Europe (it really was like the end of the world), which I’ll share below. Despite being so friggin’ sick for most of it, I am glad I got to do this hike and cliff walk.

However, first, here are some short noted things:

  • Ireland is fucking windy. 30km/hr is normal…In the city. Bring gear. I had my wind resistant cycling jacket. But seriously. It was 50km/hr sometimes. It was a god damn primal force. Don’t look at the temperature, look at the wind. No matter which way it blows its coming off the sea, so it’s likely going to be a cold wind.
  • Everyone will assume you’re American at first.
  • The Irish population is kind of stuck on babies.
  • Irish over the counter drugs lack bite for some reason. I don’t know what it is, but it just ain’t as good as home. Bring your own DayQuill, Advil, everything.
  • Doctors aren’t free. Nope.
  • Dublin is tiny, you can walk everywhere. The river is lovely. Grafton street is meh, avoid the Guinness Storehouse and instead go graffiti hunting and spend time in its excellent parks (when it’s not raining or windy). There’s a pub on every corner and Guinness does taste better there.


Slea Head

Decent into Slea Head

cliff walk

Cliff Walking near Ballydavid


River and marsh approaching Brandon


Pretty streets in Dingle

And the rest of my photos can be found on this flickr set.

Will I return to ireland? I’m not sure. I realize my time there was marred by sickness. Which makes me very bias. But I am rather unsatisfied with my experience upon coming home (didn’t get to go to Tara, Wicklow, or The Causeway, hardly went out in the evenings). So we’ll see.

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