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Posted September 25, 2013 | 11:49 am, by nadine

Hey blog, its been a while. Truth be told I got kind of distracted by summer and went traveling for a bit. Then I sort of took some time to ride my bike and smoke some ribs. Summer is the season I usually bugger off. But seeing as its fall, and I’m starting to get back into things, I figured I should revisit you.

Lately I’ve been contemplating my hands. They really are marvels, your hands. Evolution has done a fine job of giving us such adaptive, and expressive appendages. They are, in short, some of the best tools around. I find it a bit of a shame they don’t seem to get as much attention as our brains.

Sure, our brains do a lot of things, even in our sleep. But I like to think of hands as an extension of your brain, as opposed to something your brain just operates.

This fall I’ve pretty much jumped back into fabrication. I decided on metal, so most things I’m looking to experiment with are welding, casting, milling, carving etc.


carving wax for a ring design

Amazing ring workshop space

Amazing ring workshop space

Silver Band

Silver Band [hammer, soldering, press]

Its given me a renewed appreciation for physical problem solving, and how immediate the feedback of “Does this work, will this fit, will this survive [x], does this need modification” is. Even something as simple as working on my old beater bike gives me these insights.


Cleaning and fixing an old derailleur.

Its also given me a renewed sense of patience when it comes to learning things. I tend to give myself a longer lead when it comes to learning physical things or doing physical work, and I’m hoping that attitude translates over to digital learning. I find I think I should learn digital things really fast, then get frustrated when it doesn’t happen quickly. I then toss myself into a “Oh I should know more by now” spiral, which, frankly, is self-defeating.

Central Tech's machine / welding shop

Central Tech’s machine / welding shop

Its been a little while now since I took a break from web design, and I still don’t miss it, but I do concede that I’m not always sure where I’m pointing. I’m hoping that some fabrication experience will round out my knowledge pot and help me start to solidify a direction.

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