Cat Quest!

Posted January 23, 2014 | 5:05 pm, by nadine

A little while ago I found a really interesting service called Twilio. Its a service that allows you to write texting and phone call applications and host them online. I started to wonder if you could make a texting based text game out of it.

I also started learning Python a while back, and have since become very fond of it as a programming language. Its flexible, but structured, somewhat low level, and good at manipulating data. Also: no curly braces.

So I combined the two and made a text based game called Cat Quest. Basically you explore an apartment as a cat, and each little ending will MMS you a picture. In one case, I actually had it phone you and and play the nyan cat song.

Cat Quest ended up having some legs, and was shown as part of an arcade at the Long Winter AGO take over. Talk about amazing! ^_^ I was so nervous / excited I forgot to document it.

Hopefully I’ll be exploring this app more from a gaming perspecting in the future.

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