Python Experimenting

Posted February 25, 2014 | 5:31 pm, by nadine

A little while ago I made a dive into learning Python, and to do so, started a “try and code something every other day” challenge. It went pretty well and I got up to about 15 projects including:

  • An online magic 8-ball
  • Texting app that gives you activity suggestions based on what season it is
  • Forecast texter
  • Basic questions quiz
  • Movie title mixer that reads from files and emails you a movie title
  • Texts from your cat (totally revisiting this one)
  • Web scraper that tells you when Ghostly artists are going to be in town
  • Pizza Randomizer – you enter ingredients, it picks some ingredients and combines them
  • BikeTO hashtag scraper
  • Recipe maker (you enter some ingredients and it does a search and pulls 3 recipes for you)
  • Tweets from my cat

I’d like to get back into doing these again, they were a good learning process, but like all things I had to put it down to pay attention to a few other (awesome) items that popped up.

I also really enjoyed Python. After years of trying to learn programming and trying to think logically, it was Python that clicked.

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