Posted May 3, 2016 | 5:58 pm, by nadine

So, I decided this spring I would improve my relationship with math. Math and I broke up in high school. It was messy. Maybe it was the tests, or the work, or the fact that dyslexia runs in my family. I’m not sure what caused it, I just knew math was very difficult for me, and when we broke up I just avoided it for a long time.

Anyways, a little while ago I did the Art Gen Hack Party, and using P5js made some smart wind bubbles, and ye olde bubble snake.

And that got me thinking about math again. Mostly about how I didn’t know basic trig, and that bothered me. So I picked up The Nature Of Code, and started using it as a guide to figure out what kind of math to re-learn.

I go through the book slowly, and as I read through chapters, I make little notes and head over to Khan Academy to supplement what its talking about.

Oddly, this really works for me. So far I’ve re-learned vector calculations, basic trig, and I’m doing a physics primer.

The surprising thing is, I’m actually having fun learning math. Which is new to me.

So yeah, math. Its more fun when you don’t have someone timing you, and you can take your time exploring concepts and practicing until you get them.

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Bots and Apps

Posted October 3, 2015 | 12:01 am, by nadine

I’ve been dabbling in bots and apps lately. So far I’ve made an application that allows you to text random cats to people. And a terribly sarcastic twitter horoscope bot that will give you a reading if you tweet the word “reading” at it. I’m really enjoying getting back into the swing of programming in Python. I forgot how much I like it. I’ve also been thinking of going back to the wireless ball game idea. Not sure if it’ll be a game, it might just be a thing. I was also thinking of taking an iOS intensive in the winter, but after looking at the prices, I think I’ll just go with Treehouse and learn from their tracks.

I also recently wrote a post mortem on txtr and Sext Adventure, that goes through some of the technical challenges I had on that project.

I’m thinking of making some kind of haunted pumpkin for halloween. Not sure yet tho.

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Posted August 28, 2015 | 1:10 pm, by nadine

I haven’t updated this process blog in a long while because I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing. In the mean time, I’m likely going to be updating my Medium much more this year, and my github, if you’re interested in code things I’ve been working with.

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