Adventure Box 1.0

Posted August 11, 2014 | 1:01 pm, by nadine

So what did you do in July? I built a tiny house box on wheels that now currently lives in my back yard.

It has been dubbed Adventurebox 1.0, and while it was intended to go to Burning Man, alas it is built rather too solid to make a cross country road trip. That said, building it was the real adventure. And my friend Alanna Predko will likely be using it as part of her thesis. We already have plans to build Adventurebox 2.0 for next year.

WE started with not a lot of building experience, but after this, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that if you need a really solid shed, you should call me.

And now, a picture dump!

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

adventurebox 1.0

Makey Makey Workshop at Allied Media Conference

Posted August 11, 2014 | 12:45 pm, by nadine

June was a busy month. Not only did Sext Adventure launch, along w/ announcing plans for txtr, I had the opportunity to hit up the Allied Media Conference in Detroit to run a Makey Makey Workshop. It was my first time visiting Detroit and I was really happy to work with the AMC to make this happen.

The workshop went well, tho I will admit, being scheduled at 9am on a Saturday made me a bit nervous for attendance. But the turn out was great and people thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Here’s a few shots of some of the things people came up with:

AMC Workshop 2k14

Wicked little band out of tin foil, the drum pedal was a real pedal too!

AMC Workshop 2k14


AMC Workshop 2k14

Interactive Sandwich Controller

AMC Workshop 2k14

Feather Gloves

Workshop participants passing on what they had learned to others in the FDL.

FDL - Makey

FDL - Makey

You can also see my whole photoset of the trip on flickr.

If you haven’t heard of the AMC, its an annual conference in Detroit where artists, musicians, activists and technologists all come together to talk and share action points about social justice. I highly recommend going if you can.

I’d also like to thank Una Lee for her immense work organizing the Future Design Lab. And Sagan Yee, for helping me out by mentoring, and for just being all around awesome.

While in Detroit, I also met up with some new friends to go exploring. Detroit is pretty amazing, and the work that goes on there by grass roots organizations is immediate and intense. I am humbled by people’s dedication and passion. It was an eye opening and interesting experience.

So thanks AMC, Future Design Lab, and Detroit, for letting me contribute.

Looking forward to next year.


Posted July 3, 2014 | 6:48 pm, by nadine

So what is txtr?

txtr is python engine that allows you to turn texting into a text adventure game.

Where did this start?

txtr started off as an experiment. I had been playing around with learning Python, and started making some small locally running apps for twilio. Small stuff like “tell me what activities to do based on the weather.” or “text me a pizza combo”.

But I started thinking about text adventure games, and that it would be fun to maybe play one on your smart phone. I mean sure, you could probably run a nuclear plant on a smart phone at this point, but in the early days, I remember how cool it was to get text only messages. It was like “holy shit! These came from space!!”

So I set about turning a small “cat game” I had made previously (where you are basically my cat hanging out in my apartment) into something more interactive.

Did you do this alone? OH HELLLLLLLLZ NO.

I mean, I started alone…and it got to a pretty good point, but after a while, I became stuck on dealing with Twilio’s message queqe while trying to figure out how to write a listener.

Enter Jon Doda. Who basically took what I had and contributed a listener setup, and who wrote me really long emails explaining things while I drank coffee and went cross-eyed reading documentation.

After a while there was a database setup (Jon) and some front facing flask (myself), and someone helping me with debugging (Angus). And someone with occasional helpful troubleshooting advice. (David).

And eventually there was a standalone system. A direction I did not really expect when I was mucking around with Cat Quest. But that’s kind of how projects go.

All that eventually became txtr, a work in progress python based engine that pushes out stories in SMS and MMS form by hooking into the Twilio API.

So THANK YOU to Jon Doda, Angus Fletcher, and David Wolever. Because it would not have happened without their help.

So what’s going to be done with it?

Right this moment? Heck nothing, I’m going to take a nap and ride the hell out of my bike.

But for reals…it needs to get abstracted and documented. After that, there’s some plans to hopefully build it into more of a tool for people to build their own text adventure texting games.

Oh really? Will it be free? Can I use it?

I’d like for it to eventually be some kind of PWYC set up.

I have general questions! Can I chat with you?

Of course! I’m on twitter: @_nadine, or you can send me an email.

Heyyyyy….didn’t you make that sexting robot?

You’re probably thinking of Sext Adventure. txtr was used as a delivery system for her conten. So yes, I had a hand in bringing that to life, but the story content lies with Kara. If you have questions, you can find Kara on twitter! She’s currently working on a bunch on interesting stuff.


Jeez, give me a bit. Maybe later this summer? Ok? Cool.

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