• MDes in Digital Futures at OCADU (Expected Graduation: 2018)
  • Graphic Design: Ontario College of Art and Design (graduated 2002)
  • Completed one year of Public Relations at Centennial College
  • Foundation year at York/Sheridan Design Program
  • Various workshops and courses in metal fabrication
  • Self education in technical based courses is ongoing


I worked for many years as a freelance web designer for various clients large and small. Including BBDO, Treehouse, CMT, YTV, TCAF, Hand Eye Society, Urban Bard, BNMI, MacMillian Publishing, Scott Pilgrim, Bitcasters, CIUT, Love Conquers All Games.

I have also worked as a research assistant in the Visual Analytics Lab at OCADU, and as a Teaching Assistant in SFI.


I am interested in programming and am mostly platform agnostic. I have varying levels of experience working in languages/platforms like Python, Arduino, and Processing. You can check out my github for what I am currently up to code wise. I am trained in Photoshop, Illustrator, web design, and have a background in graphic design, and 2D art using collage and encaustic techniques.

Workshops / Residencies / Jams


  • Encaustic and digital work: – QWAC 2007/08
  • Encaustic and Bone Work: Rated R Gallery Show – 2009
  • Long Time Coming: DMG Feb Fatale showcase – November 2013
  • Long Time Coming: Toronto Long Winter Showcase – March 2013
  • Cat Quest: Toronto Long Winter – 2013
  • Cat Quest: AGO DMG / Long Winter Takeover for First Thursday – January 2nd 2014
  • ISS Love Booth: AGO / Hand Eye Society Fancy Video Game Party – Feb 21, 2014
  • ISS Love Booth: GDC/Wild Rumpus – That Party – 2014
  • Sext Adventure: Boston Festival of Indie Games. MIT. September 13, 2014
  • Sext Adventure: InideCade Official Selection – Culver City, LA, October 9-12th 2014
  • Adventurebox: Cordial Calliope – Tea House installation, Nuit Blanche, 2014
  • Sext Adventure: Vector Art Festival: To Utility and Beyond Exhibition, Interaccess, Toronto, Feb 18- March 13th, 2015
  • Sext Adventure: No Coins curated by Christine Kim, Banff Centre Convergence, November to December 2014.
  • Punk Prism Power: DMG X Vector Killer Interfaces Showcase – Saturday, Feb 21st, 2015
  • Punk Prism Power: IndieCade Official Selection (Night Games) – Culver City, LA, October 25 2015
  • PoopArray: INT VAR VOID – Monday Dec 12th, 2016
  • Fascist Falldown: Digital Futures Open Show – Thursday March 2nd, 2017

Speaking Sessions

  • Panelist: FITC Freelancer Panel – 2009
  • Moderator: Freelancing in Comics and Illustration – 2010
  • Recycled Sensors and Ongoing Game Projects – CreateTO 2013
  • Lessons learned from the ISS Love – FITC 2014
  • Vector: To Utility and Beyond Artist Panel, Interaccess – February 20th, 2015
  • Hack-a-day Toronto – “Why I won’t use the Word Easy Anymore.” – April 2015
  • Toronto Public Library – “Technology: Successes and Failures” – June 12th, 2015
  • Networking Mixer for Makers at FITC Toronto – “Too Dangerous For GDC: A look at some questionable interface devices.” – April 2017
  • Different Games Toronto – “Too Dangerous For GDC”, June 2017
  • Maker Festival Toronto – “Too Dangerous For GDC”, July 2017