Libba Bray

Libba Bray

A fully WordPress driven site for the popular children’s author Libba Bray. Whimsical in design, and full of collage work. Very fun to design.

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Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Full update for the Toronto Comics Art Festival, rebuilt using all custom post types an taxonomies. Much easier to update and to keep track of content. This time around we also included a different look and feel for a shadow kids site.

Poster and reading girl image by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba..

Screen Shots

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A while ago I designed some templates for and Game Set Watch. They’re still tinkering with some of it, but its looking good.

The team over at indiegames were a real blast to work with, and a special thanks goes out to Mike P, who helped me code a path through moveable type with a great sense of humour.

A few things we did: Clean up their templates, and pulled more relevant content into their sidebars. Added some fancy-pants filter tabs to showcase some related content, and tried out a new archive page.


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Mirella approached me for a site design to keep her readers informed of her services and beer related events. She was looking for something with a bit of an edge, and a little hand made, but that still worked with some of her previous branding.


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Choice of Games

Choice of Games is a small shop that produces high-quality text-based games for mobile devices. They also have their own scripting language so that people can learn to make choose your own games. They approached me to help convert their site to wordpress to better manage their properties.


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Cheryl Ann Madeira

Cheryl approached me for a site where she could host a blog and keep a record of her professional experience. She wanted something academic but fun, so I put together this vintage inspired theme. I felt really at home in this style, so this site was fun to concept out. Some neat things in this one: All the section images are change-able, and the side-menus are part of just one shared template that auto adds sub-pages.


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Dose recently underwent a full re-design. I helped the lovely people over at Next Clix come up with some concept boards, and did a full design implementation of a chosen concept to their existing Info Architecture. It was a good project to sink my teeth into. Lots of blog related layouts and templates. I was responsible for: PSD deliverables, and visual concepts.

Please note: Concept Boards use found photography from the flickr type pool, iStock, and Mike Rottenberg. Centipede packaging is copyright Atari

Mood Boards


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Stormhawks MMO interface

Working along side the team at Bitcasters and the talented game designer Miguel Sternberg, I helped to flesh out some initial concepts for the Stormhawks MMO interface look and feel. This included mocking up some user info screens, doing some exploration in texture and assemblage, and some basic wireframing for more complicated character screens.

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Drawing Words Writing Pictures

This site was a particular challenge. Drawing Words and Writing Pictures is a book (soon to be series of books) based around learning how to make comics. Lots of information had to be sorted and transffered to a new wordpress set up. It was a project that really underscored some of the limitation in wordpress as a CMS and some of the required work arounds to make it work. Which included: custom field plugins, custom coded template pages (by Mr. Kinsman), and leaving information easily accessible for further larger developments.

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Scott Pilgrim vs The Internet

Scott Pilgrim is made of awesome. I had the chance to do the original site, and the author’s personal site. The original site is a simple non-CMS template, that’s easy to update by hand, and the blog is a straightforward WordPress Theme.


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Corus Entertainment

While working at Corus, I had the oppertunity to help do design work, and interface work on sites such as CMT, Treehouse, YTV and various other Television Projects. I worked on both Information Architecture, visual layout, and did CSS work to help strip and clean pages. It was excellent experience working with large content sites and developing how to work in teams.

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Hand Eye Society

I support indie games and the indie game community in Toronto. During the past 3 years I’ve designed headers, signs, and the interface for the Torontron. Toronto’s travelling indie game video cabinet. You can look for it at various events in and around the city. I’ve also participated in the Artsy Game Incubator, where I made an experimental game about raccoons. Basically, you are a raccoon with a litter of pups, and your goal is to keep you and your pups alive during the summer season. The catch is you have to feed your pups from your own health bar, so you have to balance the state of your health with theirs. You can download it and play it here.

Hand Eye Screen Shots


Chartered Accountants of Ontario

Ogilvy contacted me to help them blow out a concept for the Chartered Accountants Of Ontario Student Site. They were going with a mish-mash collage kind of layout, and so I spent a good amount of time playing with textures and had drawn items. It was fun project, with a good back and forth between grids and scratchier items.

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Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario hired me to update their public site. The framework, and structure of the site had already been done, so this was more of a graphic reformatting. I was responsible for graphic menu work, colour adjustments, text formatting and updating / adding CSS to implement the changes.


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Illustrator & Artist Portfolios

I’ve made a lot of illustration and artist portfolios for people. Most of them run off textpattern, which I find to be a good lightweight alternative to wordpress for specific content projects. A lot of them have been updated over the years, sometimes by me, sometimes by them. Here are a few examples.



Print & Postcards

A short selection of postcards and print work.