Diorama-rama base

Base for the FITC project Diorama-rama by Creative Technologists Toronto. An installation where conference goers made their own morse code buildings and added them to a city. Made from plywood and pine. Measures about 4 feet x 2 feet.

My Amie

My Amie is a wearable device that helps people to understand environmental and personal factors that create anxiety. The first wearable of its kind, My Amie takes quantified self to new levels of personal health empowerment. Made as a prototype during the PCH Hackathon, My Amie tracks your physical activity, environmental temperature, social media engagement across your day and combines this with self reported data to assess trends.

Collaborators: Lindy Wilkins, Hillary Predko, Amanda McCusker
More information at myamie.ca

Adventure Box

Adventure Box is a full size trailer built for a Tea Box installation for Nuit Blanche.

It was constructed with a team of people who wanted to learn to build sheds, but also to be a blank space to make installations or displays in. Adventure Box is about 6 x 6 x 7.5 feet and was built over about a 3 week period in the summer of 2014. Skills used included: welding and wood construction.


Adventure Box on Flickr


Adventure Box Site

Forage Lanterns

Forage was a game concept conceived with the Creative Technologists of Toronto.

The idea was to use BT enabled Arduinos and mobile app to collect various plants in a physical environment. The jars are frosted Mason jars decorated with decals designed and then cut with a vinyl cutter.

Though the project itself made it only to rough prototype stage, it was a great way to play with fabrication ideas using commonly found objects.


Forage Lanterns on Flickr

The Book of Claws

The book of claws is a prop from the popular video game They Bleed Pixels. Spookysquid Games asked me to make it for a upcoming video project they are doing. The book was created by using a wet leather moulding technique over a dictionary and a raised design. Aging was done through sanding, stretching, and dyeing.


The Book of Claws on Flickr