Powercube Controllers

For FITC this year I collaborated w/ Globacore to make v1.0 of a set of cube controllers for their game Powercube, a VR 3D Tetris sim. They are made of solid cedar, hand rounded, stained and sanded, with a drilled out cavity that holds an Intel Edison.

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Punk Prism Power

Punk Prism Power

Punk Prism Power is a prototype developed as part of the Mahou Shoujammers team. It consists of 2 custom cut peripherals that are wirelessly networked to Unity. The peripherals run on an Arduino based board called a Light Blue Bean. Punk Prism Power was shown at The Vector x DMG Killer Interfaces party, and was also an Official Selection for Inidiecade Night Games in 2015.


txtr (SMS choose your own adventure engine)

txtr is a program written in python which uses the Twilio API that allows you to build old school style text adventures using actual texts. txtr was a collaboration with Jonathan Doda, and Angus Fletcher.

So far I’ve used it to develop two games: Cat Quest, where the user plays the part of a cat in your apartment, and Sext Adventure (written by Kara Stone) an app that features a glitched out sexting robot.

Selfie Controller

Interstellar Selfie Station

The Interstellar Selfie Station (Print Club Edition) is a full scale DIY photo booth with a custom hardware controller and software that emulates a Game Boy Camera. The software was written by Christine Love, and will be available as an iOS / Android app in 2014. The booth and hardware were designed and built by myself as a promotional item for this application.

The ISS will be on tour to select cities and conferences in 2014, and has been shown locally in Toronto at Bit Bazar, Long Winter, and the AGO.

Distress Prototype


Distress is an unfinished work in progress game that involves knock sensors, a “stinger”, and real punching. The concept is that players are put into situations where a system hands down a serious of scenarios in which they must choose to be aggressive or passive. However their choices will have consequences on a third bystander in the form of discomfort or pain. It was originally written as a small jam game in Game Maker, with a python script bridging the game and the Arduino.

Possible directions for continuing include re-writing the engine in a different language, and re-thinking types of sensors.


Interactive Knife Board

The Knife Board was conceived for the jam game Long Time Coming (done w/ Sagan Yee). It was originally an experiment to see what kinds of materials can be used with a Makey Makey, and just how far you could take simple circuit completion. At its core, it is essentially a soft switch. But, you do have to get the knife physically through the board for it to work.

The game itself is a play on dating SIMS and visual novels, so using a very physically violent interface was a great juxtaposition on how these games are usually played.


Soft Shell Power Gloves

These were power gloves made out of some old mitts and a few sensors. I decided that one hand would do bend and pressure and the other hand would be a straight up D-Pad. This meant you could do a lot of hand movements and configurations with no computer vision or tracking codes.

They were made using a bend sensor, a pressure sensor, and conductive thread. The program was written for Arduino and sent out a series of key presses based on positioning of its sensors and finger pad contact.


Squiddle was done for No-Jam 2012. Its a game based on an ecosystem where you have to clean up after yourself. The more you clean, the healthier your ecosystem stays. The less you clean, the worse it gets. The catch is that you still have to eat to stay alive, this means you still leave waste around. So you have to balance eating and cleaning up your own waste.

Squiddle also used a custom controller of a squish ball with some tilt sensors in it. It was simple, but fun. The in-game movement was all based on Asteroids, so it gave the game a nice interface with a familiar feel to it.