In Camera Meeting


In Camera Meeting is a pair of projects about computers watching themselves while also watching others. Done as part of a mini-incubator at the Art Worx Building in Stratford (facilitated by Katie Micak and Elien Hodgeson), these two projects use the form factor of zoom to consider how machines might have some of their own agency within a virtual meeting framework. Playing with the idea of virtual but embedded, remote but local, they provide a touch point for thinking about what it means to be "in the room" with something.

In one piece a collection of tablets all watch a movie together from different angles off a television screen. Virtually, only the tablets may enter the meeting, but a human may participate by watching the remote feeds locally within the room, getting a multi-eye view of what each devices sees. In another piece, a collection of embedded tablets in a room are all watching the same space, but their feed is processed remotely. People can engage with their own image, but from the distinct view points of different devices, not necessarily the one they are looking at. With this I hope to get people to consider what "embedded" could me, and consider how a device can change one's persepctive of themselves in a place.

Other participants this weekend included: Katie Micak, Myfawnway Ashmore, and Dave Kemp (who graciously brought all the tablets).

Movies and more photos can be found in the fickr album.