Nadine Lessio


Nadine Lessio is an artist, researcher, and creative technologist based out of Toronto, Ontario. Her practice is an ongoing exploration into how technical ecosystems can be used for creative work, while utilizing concepts around game peripherals, the internet of things, and bots. Sometimes her projects use code or software, sometimes they are made using her hands, often it is a combination of these things. She thinks a lot about why and how we make things and where those activities overlap. Nadine really enjoys proof of concept work and prototyping, and is comfortable writing code, doing research, and tending to shared resources. She likes working autonomously, and is currently looking for remote-first opportunities where her unique background of media arts, design, and academic research can be utilized.

Nadine has been a speaker at many industry conferences, and her work has been shown at events like IndieCade, Vector, neurIPS, and ISEA.

When not at a computer you can find her exploring the woods, riding her bike, or reading books about sad robots.

Nadine holds an MDes in Digital Futures from OCAD University.

You can contact her via email at


Selected Projects

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