Working With Useless Machines

A useless machine is a strategy employed to critique the current corporate agenda of productivity, efficiency, and consumption by creating devices that have no utilitarian function. They are purposefully executed to provoke a reflection on the current state of the technical and consumer culture of the time. This project examines the idea of the useless machine through four explorations subverting the function of personal assistants, and through the creation of one personal web server. The projects are: SAD Blender, Fortune Tasker (with Alenn Predko), Calendar Creep, Home Hub, and Punchy (with Rob Russell).

Punk Prism Power

Collaborators: Mahoshowjammers

Punk Prism Power is a cooperative 2-player Magical Girl party game, in which players wield custom laser-cut peripherals to defeat bizarre evil monsters in a fantasy world. Each player has 3 different physical motions that can be registered by an accelerometer embedded in each weapon (similar to a Wiimote): Slash, Spin, and Down Stab. Weapons also contain LED lights that indicate which attack is currently being performed. Enemies that appear on-screen have a Health Bar that takes varying amounts of damage depending on the attack. The gameplay emphasis is on kinetic combat movement and getting the players to feel empowered by their physical actions, as well as revisiting the nostalgic joys of Magical Girl shows like Sailor Moon with a more adult, absurdist tone. The current prototype contains one monster and two weapons, the Sceptre and the Chainsaw, as well as story elements presented in a visual graphic novel style.

Fortune Tasker

Collaborators: Alenn Predko

Fortune Tasker is an interactive installation by Nadine Lessio and Alanna Predko using an Amazon Alexa, reclaimed deer skull, and a tiny printer. Alexa is usually positioned as a general use interface seeking to become part of our everyday narrative. Fortune Tasker subverts that by changing the Alexa to no longer be your personal assistant, but a personal mystic. A magical object rather than a spy.

Facist Falldown

Collaborators: Mudit Gangualy

Fascist Falldown is physical bowling game that is sort of a cross between a carnival game, and beer pong. It consists of upwards of 20 mobile devices which act as pins. Users load the website (tinyurl link) onto their phone browsers and then are randomly assigned a dictator. They then place their phone on a cardboard phone stand that holds it in place and the users take turns bowling the dictators down using a ball ( the ball of democracy). Take turns bowling over the Illuminati!

A Shock In The Dark

Collaborators: Sagan Yee, Lee Wilkins, Jane Hacker

A Shock In The Dark is an experimental game prototype that looks at pain and emotional cartography in the context of board games. Its a two player game, where you explore a grid to uncover of islands. The catch is that the board is wired up to some RF dog shock collars worn by both players. The idea is to claim as much territory as you can, without getting shocked too much.

The Interesteller Selfie Station Photo Booth

Collaborators: Christine Love

The ISS Love was a travelling photobooth to promote Christine Love's ISS app for iOS. During its tenure it travelled to many an event, including The Indie Mega Booth at PAX East, the Fancy Videogame Party in Toronto, That Party @ GDC and Bit Bazzar at Gamma Space. It included a full controller, and full enclosure, and used a wireless sticker printer to print portraits. Though now long retired, its little sticky portraits still sometimes pop up on computers and mirrors around the world.

Long Time Coming

Collaborators: Sagan Yee

Long Time Coming is an "infidelity sim" in which you've just cheated on your boyfriend, and must lie your way through an evening with him without getting caught. It's also an experimental visual novel that involves literally throwing knives at the screen during tense emotional situations.


This was basically a humour break for me. There’s something really fun about making a somewhat fancy box that is a shit and crossbones. It riffs off our current weird obsession of IoT notifiers. AKA: Nice looking objects that tell us somewhat readily available things.

Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon

Collaborators: Lee Wilkins, Hillary Predko, Tom Hobson, Zak Kain

Role: Organizer

The Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas hackthon is an annual tradition to create complete garbage in the world.

Encaustic And Collage

For many years I made personal encaustic and collage art based around the thought of trying to make something that felt like photoshop but in real life. I relly enjoy the ephemeral nature of wax, it can melt, move, dissolve, and respond to temperature. Working with wax was almost like cooking. It is intuitive, and a bit random, and very physical. My digital pieces are more about exploring themes, repetition, and personal thought.